The Hole in the Bed Sheet Below

(2020 to 2023) In this self-reflexive series, Cordes turns the camera on her personal life and negotiates the relationship with her family. She reconstructs their dynamics, thus creating a portrait that ranges from self-representation to the inclusion of her mother, father and partner in the story.

In a wondrous way, The Hole in the Bed Sheet Below gives us glimpses into her interwoven family structure, showing us images of tenderness, which is yet subtly laced with an underlying distance and hints of a hidden insecurity.

The work deals with our collective longing for connection and documents times of transition. It is about the comfort of finding love when you least expect it, as well as the terrifying possibility of losing it again. This series is a search for authentic relating, intimacy and the fear of missing it – a multi-layered reflection on family.